ALL ECVO correspondence takes place via email. Please choose the appropriate department you need to send your query to from the table shown below. A name and email address is available for each department. Please remember that all invoices must have the college's address and must be sent via email to the ECVO Treasurer.

Please use the appropriate email address from the table below to make contact with the appropriate department within the College.

The official address of the college is ONLY an appropriate communication route for specific LEGAL matters. No other communication matters will be corresponded through this physical address. ECVO's official address for legal matters is:

ECVO c/o Prof. Michael Boevé
Utrecht University
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals
Ophthalmology section

P.O. Box 80.154
NL-3508 TD Utrecht, The Netherlands

Please also note that as the ECVO is registered in the Netherlands, all legal matters will be considered under current Dutch law.

Name Position
Helen Field ECVO Administrative Assistant
Dr Guillaume Payen ECVO Executive Secretary
Dr Barbara Nell ECVO Treasurer
Dr Marion Florin ECVO Communication Committee Chair
Dr David Gould ECVO Examination Committee Chair
Dr Marianne Richter ECVO Hereditary Eye Diseases Committee Co-chair
Dr Gilles Chaudieu ECVO Hereditary Eye Diseases Committee Co-chair
Dr Charlotte Keller ECVO Scientific Committee Chair
Dr Christine Watté ECVO Education and Residency Committee Chair
Dr Teresa Peña Giménez ECVO Credentials Committee Chair
Anne-Marie Verbruggen ECVO Planning Committee Chair
Dr Nunzio D'Anna ECVO Re-evaluation Committee Chair