ECVO Grant Awarded in 2012: Katrin Voelter

The ECVO is proud to have awarded the first ever ECVO Research Grant in May 2012 at the annual ECVO conference in Trieste, Italy.

Katrin Voelter of the University of Zurich was awarded the 2012 ECVO Research Grant for her study:tn177 5044783427878 'Evaluation of the conjunctival fungal flora and its susceptibility to antifungal agents in healthy horses in Switzerland'. The goal of the study is to gain knowledge regarding the corneoconjunctival fungal flora in healthy horses and its susceptibility to antifungal drugs in central Europe. Samples for fungal culture will be collected from the eyes of 60 healthy horses to determine fungal species prevalence. Antifungal drug sensitivity tests for the most important fungal species known to be pathogenic to the equine eye will be carried out. Gaining information about the normal conjunctival fungal flora and susceptibility patterns of the most important pathogenic fungi to the most frequently used antifungal drugs will hopefully help veterinarians to improve the medical treatment of fungal infections of the equine cornea in central Europe. At the same time a collection of fungal isolates will be established, which will be an invaluable resource for future comparative studies.

After gaining experience in private practice for over three years Katrin has now started the second year of her alternative ECVO residency track. The proposed work will be completed during the remainder of her residency.