Equine Ophthalmology Symposium, Iceland, June 2018

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Join us in Iceland this June at the Equine Ophthalmology Symposium
Now Open: Call for papers, attendee registration & hotel reservations


State of the Art Speakers & Topics
Once the call for papers closes, the remaining schedule will be completed but will consist of abstract and case report presentations, but also interactive sessions. We are looking at initiating round tables, 'hot topics', and/or panel discussions this year. For now, we can count on the excellent presentations by our State of the Art Speakers, please see the website for more information.

Dr. Eric Ledbetter - "Advanced Imaging of the Equine Eye"

Dr. Rebecca Bellone - "Seeing Equine Ocular Disorders thru a DNA Lens: Utilizing DNA Testing to Inform Clinical Management Decisions"

These presentations will launch each morning on Friday and Saturday, helping us frame our mindsets for more abstracts, case reports and interactive sessions.

Dinner and Private Pony Show
We have organized an optional Friday fun event that will be a once in a lifetime experience. This event will give you and your guest a lovely view of the scenery during the drive, a sample of the amazing little Icelandic Pony and its beautiful gait, and a taste of local fare in a traditional Icelandic restaurant off the beaten path. IEOC will need to charge our cost for this since it does not have deep savings, it will be worth every penny! The fee includes transportation, the private pony show held a the National Arena and a three course langoustine dinner (vegan, meat and child options available).

Plan to take a group coach from the hotel for approximately 15 minutes. We will then enjoy an Icelandic Pony show produced just for IEOC, hosted in the National Arena. There will be 6-7 riders of all ages, many with national awards for skill, providing us a 45 minute feast for the eyes for horse lovers! Following, we will take a lovely 45 minute transfer across the countryside to a one of a kind true Icelandic restaurant…It may not look like much at first but it will provide a warm, welcoming environment to enjoy their world-renown langoustines (veggie and child options available), where our group will be provided its own room. When we ride back together (approx 45 mins) to the hotel. No matter the time, it will be light outside so you can enjoy the scenery and take photos on the way back. Plan to participate if possible and make memories.

The price for the inclusive show, transportation and meal will be $145 for adults and $80 for children. Child food options provided at the restaurant will include a ham and cheese sandwich or chicken nuggets. Coffee, tea and dessert are included. Drinks are additional.

Submit an Abstract or Case Report
(Mentor program)
If you are even considering submitting an abstract or case report, remember that the IEOC leadership has offered mentoring to those interested but unsure to make that first step. Reach out to an IEOC board member or contact the office and we will match you with someone to assist you.

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