Finding a Certified Examiner/Panellist

The following countries have a national eye panel that participates in the ECVO Eye Scheme. Please click on a country to find a list of examiners/panellists as PDF file.

Austria: Download PDF Document.

Belgium: Download PDF Document.

Denmark: Download PDF Document.

Finland: Download PDF Document.

France: Download PDF Document.

Germany: Download PDF Document.

Italy: Download PDF Document.

Netherlands: Download PDF Document.

Norway: Download PDF Document.

Sweden: Download PDF Document

Switzerland: Download PDF Document.

United Kingdom: Download PDF Document.

Other Countries (not listed above)

Other countries may have a national eye panel which does not participate in the ECVO Eye Scheme. Individual ECVO Diplomates in those countries may be able to issue an ECVO certificate under the ECVO Eye Scheme.

Find a Diplomate/Panelist in Other Countries (PDF Document)